Music plays an integral role in our worship.

~ Psalm 105:2 ~ Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; tell of all His wondrous works!

Here at Trinity we take this to heart and we use our gifts and talents to praise the Lord. We offer a wide variety of music that matches the worship service style. So, whether you enjoy traditional hymns or contemporary Christian music, you will find a home at Trinity. At our Sunday traditional worship service you will hear our beautiful pipe organ along with some light guitar, which accompany many of our traditional Lutheran hymns. You will also be blessed with a choir and hand bell choir on many Sundays. If you choose to attend our Sunday contemporary worship service, you will always find a band leading worship. This typically includes guitar, bass, piano and drums along with a group of vocals. Our church is blessed with many talented people that love to praise the Lord. We hope that you will come join us as we sing praises to God and if you feel so moved possibly become a part of one of our music groups someday.